Friday, August 2, 2013

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE week 31 - a gratitude list

Friday I'm in love is my weekly gratitude list.

I'm grateful for...

  • Health. you know there's always a chance that you'll fall ill, but you still don't believe it'll happen to you. You feel invincible, in a way. Until something happens. It happened to me last week. It scared me a lot. There were some uncomfortable tests and a very minor little operation, but I'm all good and healthy. And I feel like singing and dancing to praise the Universe for it. My mother died of cancer 3,5 years ago so there's always a small worry that what if it is my fate too. One never knows of tomorrow but today I'll celebrate my life <3
    me doing a cartwheel, photo by Tuukka Ahonen
  • And in two weeks, the little kitty comes home! I can hardly wait. We've baby-proofed the windows with a net and have organised a car to pick the little fellow up.
    Little kitty, by me
  • Work starts on Monday. I love holidays but I also need a little routine, otherwise I end up just drifting and I don't like it in the long run. And I cherish my work, after 8(!) weeks' holiday I welcome the early morning wake-ups with a well rested body and mind. 
    hard at work, self portrait
Wind in the trees, orange-coconut tea and the sound of zils,


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