Friday, July 26, 2013

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE week 30 - a gratitude list

Friday I'm in Love is my weekly gratitude list

I'm grateful for...

  • Real Life, you know, the one (gasp) outside the mighty Internet. As great as the World Wide Web is, it's the real things "out there" that are more important. LIFE, that's in pages of a book, deep conversations with friends, having lunch in that adorable thai place just around the corner, your godmother's 60th birthday, long bike rides with your loved one, your stabilo pens and your journal, cats' purring, dance classes.. 
my daily planner, notebook, stabilos and make-up

Our kitten-to-be, here 7 weeks old, in my arms. Photo by Tuukka Ahonen
Us as sailors, inspired by the Tall Ship Races Helsinki 2013. Photo by Tuukka Ahonen

Me as a tribal princess. Photo by Tuukka Ahonen
Us at my godmother's 60th birthday cruise. Photo by Petteri Pasanen.

The sound of a skateboard on the street, warm summer nights and the scent of coconut,



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