Thursday, June 27, 2013

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE weeks 24, 25 and 26 - a gratitude list

I've been on a vacation and thus I've neglected this blog. Sorry! I love you all the same!

I'm grateful for...

  • Summer. A real, proper, hot, sunny summer. With mosquito bites, unintentional sunburns, sweaty dance practices, nightless nights, time off from work, just lazying around, eating watermelon all day.

    enjoying the sunshine at my family's cottage 

  • Watermelon. I'm obsessed with it. Here in Finland you can get decent ones only in the summer. 
  • Dance. I attended a wonderful Tribal Summer Camp two weeks ago, it organised by my teacher Laura Luna. 6 workshops with teachers from Estonia: Jaana Hansman (Yahna) and Sweden: Pernilla Sund and Gita Vinlander. Oh how much fun and hard work there was! Brainwork too! I'm glad my Yogi tea gave me a good advice beforehand: LET EVERYONE BE BETTER THAN YOU. There was also a show called Underground Cabaret, with a lot of performers, including the teachers and our very own Kaira Tribe. 
    Ane, me and Laura Luna
    photo by Mintti Raassina
    (I only have this photo yet, hopefully there'll be more!) I can't wait for the Tribal Fusion classes to begin after the summer break! Luckily my other teacher Alli Ruth has the American Cabaret Bellydance and Drill, Strech and Tone classes going during the summer. Yesterday at the AMCAB class we practiced balancing cups of water on our heads and in our hands. Fun! 
  • Midsummer at my family's cottage. I love it there, but it's such a long way away and nearly impossible to go to without a car (which we don't have). This year we went with my cousin and my godmother. The weather was perfect, lots of great food was had and white wine was cold. We visited our grandma and grandpa's grave and just WERE. It was needed, though I'm not very good at it, you know, just being. I relax by doing, so my "just being" is reading, crocheting, drawing, practicing my zils, etc. 
    my family's cottage

    lake Huuhtjärvi at our family's cottage
  • Reading. I'm used to being a real bookworm but for the past few years my reading has been really slow, just a few books per year. (Though I listen to tens and tens of audio books per year, but it's different than reading). I haven't been able to concentrate at all. It's been troubling me a lot. But now it seems I'm getting my reading zest back. I couldn't be happier about it! Books <3

Watermelon, red bling and the letters of the alphabet, 


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