Saturday, May 18, 2013

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE week 19 and 20 - a gratitude list

Friday I'm in love is my weekly gratitude list. Though this time it's bi-weekly, since last week I was away in Holland.

I'm grateful for..

  • The chance to travel. We are not rich, but we manage to save a bit to travel somewhere once or twice a year. It's so amazing to experience new (or familiar) places, people, cultures, foods, atmospheres. Traveling broadens your mind. It gives you so much new ideas. It makes you appreciate things at home. This time we were in Holland; Amsterdam, Houten, Utrecht and Rotterdam.


Rotterdam; Jean-Paul Gaultier's exhibition

fabulous veggie food at De Boelhoed, Amsterdam

  • Dance. Always, always, always. Today I had my first Tribal Fusion performance, I loved it so much. And it fills my heart with bubbles of joy that there will be more performances for me. 
Laura Luna in the front, from left to right Ane, me, Pinja and Jenny, a part of Laura Luna & Kaira Tribe
photo by Tuukka Ahonen

Ane and me
photo by Hanna Erkinjuntti
  • Friends <3

The jingle of tiny bells, the scent of jasmine and the taste of Clipper's Detox- tea,


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