Friday, February 1, 2013

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE week 5 - a gratitude list

Friday I'm in love is my weekly gratitude list

photo from the almighty world wide web.

I'm grateful for...

  • Blueberries. True superfood.
  • Having so much DANCE in my life.
  • Being healthy enough to dance.
  • My kitties.
  • My Love for constant support.
  • Old-fashioned letter-writing.
  • Lady Gaga; her music makes me want to sing out loud, everywhere. And dance.
  • Nuts. I'm nuts about nuts. Pecan, macadamia, almonds <3
  • My new tattoo, made by Jenni @ Bound Tattoo, Helsinki. (she's made pretty much all my tattoos)
  • For all the great things yet to happen.

the biggest spirals on the chest are new and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

Green glass, purple velvet and the sound of a great soup bubbling,


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