Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yesterday we went to see Rigoletto at the Finnish National Opera. I loved it; the music is so beautiful. Very sad too, as operas tend to be. The world famous Paolo Gavanelli* who played the Jester in Rigoletto was not well and sent his greetings in advance that he might not be able to give his best. That was so sweet of him that he got such loud applause after everything he sang that he actually made a little gesture with his hand that "okay, you can stop now". How great is that!

photo by Tuukka Ahonen

My outfit:
silver and black hat - crocheted by me
black faceted beads - can't remember
cardigan/bolero - Vero Moda, second hand
dress - Zalando
bracelet - silver bell bracelet made by my man
legwarmers - Tiger
shoes - Vagabond Libby
bag - Mic Mac
bag accessories - reflector tassels, Manner's

Dramatic love stories,  sparkling wine and clicking of high heels,


*I'm not very impressed by websites that have sounds or open a video etc without asking you first.

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